SureSan LUX Bottle Holder


Designed to provide your customers with a smart and secure solution for your sanitizer gels and liquid. The holder can either be wall mounted, or free-standing on a desk or counter top using double-sided adhesive tape. Manufactured using prestige 3mm aluminium, the Holder has a stylish airbrushed finish which is easy to keep clean. The 3mm clear Perspex neck holds the 500ml bottle of SureSan Sanitizer with capacity for over 200 doses, fast and simple to replace when your product is running low. The Holder affords a touch of luxury through its clean, modern finish, which makes securing your products simple.


Size: 50 x 82 x 135 mm

Material: 3mm airbrushed aluminium, robust and secure

Compatibility: To be purchased with SureSan Hand Sanitizer 500ml, OJH-13620*

Installation: Can be wall mounted with screws, or secure base to a clean hard surface using supplied double-sided adhesive tape

*not supplied


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