SureSan LUX Manual Foam Dispenser


Our LUX Manual Foam Dispenser is manufactured from high quality, affording a stylish white and plate grey luxury finish. The Dispenser can be used in conjunction with foam sanitizer or foam soap. The manual operation provides an efficient 0.22ml dosage with each use via industrial pump mechanisms. The product is the ideal size to replenish with our 1000ml refillable cartridge (supplied with the Dispenser). Unobtrusive and conveniently sized, it’s the ideal choice for smaller working environments where a luxurious feel will promote positive hand hygiene.


Size: 25cm (H) x 13cm (W) x 8cm (D)

Capacity: 1000ml

Fluid type: Foam Sanitizer or Foam Soap

Refillable: Includes 1000ml refillable bottle.

Installation: Wall mounted with adhesive pad. Allow glue to set for 2 hours before filling dispenser

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