XP Automatic Gel or Soap Dispenser, 1000ml


The SureSan XP Automatic Dispenser is a convenient and easy method for keeping hands clean in busy environments. Subtle and discreet design with easy refill via a hidden button underneath the dispenser and bulk refill capped cartridge. The Dispenser is suitable for any workspace, providing a sturdy solution for sanitization, maximising hygiene through no-touch operation.



Size: 13cm x 13cm x 27cm

Capacity: 1000ml (0.45 ml per pump)

Fluid type: Gel Sanitizer* and Liquid Soap

Refillable: Includes 1000ml refillable bottle. Can be refilled using a 5 Litre tub or 1000ml refill cartridge.

Casing: High quality ABS material

Installation: Wall mounted

Application: 6x AA batteries (not included)

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