XP Manual Gel or Soap Dispenser, 800ml


The SureSan XP Manual Dispenser is ideal for use in conjunction with either our OJH-13574 and OJH-13638 5 litre Gel and Soap refills. The 800ml capacity is ideal for areas where a higher volume of product may be required, such as in retail outlets or other higher-traffic work or community locations. Operated with a single hand this stylish and discrete dispenser is a simple reminder for importance of sound hand hygiene.

The product is truly simple to install, and weighs just 0.7kg, with a robust design and sleek lines to ensure convenient cleanliness without compromising on style.


Size: 9cm x 10cm x 26cm

Capacity: 800ml

Fluid type: Gel Sanitizer and Liquid Soap

Refillable: Includes 800ml refillable bottle. Can be refilled using a 5 Litre tub.

Casing: High quality ABS material


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