Floor Display Stand


SureSan’s POS Floor Display provides a stylish, sturdy and long-lasting unit to retail our popular Hand Sanitizer and Wipes. Each display unit has the capacity to house 72 bottles of hand sanitizer and 96 packets of our universal bacterial wipes, which can be purchased separately. The robust structure ensures that products are stored safely for retail, and the unit is designed to protect your merchandise, while displaying it in an eye-catching manner for successful retail or deployment. The unit is ideal for stocking retail checkouts and shopping aisles, for customers to either use the products or for them to be sold.


Size: 37cm (w) x 160cm (h)

Contents: 72 x 100ml hand sanitizers and 96 x Universal Wipes 72 pack

Strong and sturdy with eye-catching branding to encourage point of sale purchases

Perfectly suited to retail checkouts and aisles


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