Countertop XP Dispenser Stand


SureSan’s Countertop XP Dispenser Stand has been designed to be used flexibly in a number of work environments – it is particularly suited to office spaces, to encourage employees to practice positive hand hygiene while at work. The convenient Dispenser Stand sits on the work surface, providing easy access to the SureSan XP Touchless Gel Dispenser (OJH-13603) with which it is supplied.  The product is ideal for use with our Gel Sanitizer, which will ensure your staff’s hands are fully protected against the risk of harmful bacteria during their working day.


Size: 54cm (h) x 19.5cm (w) x 26cm (d)

Compatibility: Sold with OJH-13603 Dispenser and adhesive pad for assembly*. Allow 2 hours for glue to set before filling dispenser. Also available without dispenser, code OJH-13644.

Fluid type: Gel Sanitizer*

*Please note, for sanitizer gel refill, we recommend the SureSan OJH-13574, 5 Litre. We cannot take responsibility for other bulk refill products that may not be compatible with our dispensers.

Colours: Powder-Coated White

*From November 2020


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