LUX Foot Operated 500ml Sanitizing Dispenser


For environments where contactless operation is key to reducing the spread of infection, our SureSan LUX 500ml foot operated Santizing Dispenser is a must. Manufactured from sturdy aluminium face polyprop material, the Dispenser is available in a stylish brushed chrome finish. The heavy vacuum-formed base with rubber feet ensures that the Dispenser remains stable even through vigorous use, providing sturdy and reliable hand sanitization. Compatible with SureSan Hand Sanitizer 500ml (product code: OJH-13620), the LUX Dispenser is a stylish and unobtrusive foot unit which minimises the risk of transmission through traditional manual operation.


Base: 30cm²
Height: 92cm x 12cm x 12cm

Capacity: 500ml

Casing: Aluminium face polyprop material. Available in a brushed chrome.


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