Second wave? We’ve got your back

Over the past couple of weeks, there has been increasing concerns relating to the potential for a second wave of the Covid-19 outbreak, globally. With children returning to school, and many lockdown measures eased, many people feel cautious about how best to manage the risk of infection, and keep themselves and their loved ones safe.

The government has been monitoring the situation closely, and acted last week with revised measures enforceable by law. Across the globe, people are awaiting the development of a trustworthy vaccine, potential cure for the Coronavirus, and improved methods for tracking, tracing, and isolating affected individuals.

In the midst of the uncertainty surrounding the pandemic, it can be difficult to remain positive about keeping your team or workforce and customers safe. However, there is much to reassure us to date in terms of how to manage the current situation, and eliminate the potential risks of contracting the virus.

Positive news in Covid-19 suppression

Recent news articles have been providing a number of potential positives in the quest to combat Covid-19. For example, scientists are considering the benefits of wearing a mask, which may be significantly more than just protecting people from transmission through droplets in the air. Current thought is suggesting that a fabric face covering may actually work in the form of a vaccine, by building immunity through microscopic exposure to the virus. This could work to create natural immune responses, to either prevent the virus from being caught, or significantly reduce the severity of it if people do become infected.

Here’s the science bit, according to the New England Medical Journal: “If the viral inoculum matters in determining the severity of SARS-CoV-2 infection, an additional hypothesized reason for wearing facial masks would be to reduce the viral inoculum to which the wearer is exposed and the subsequent clinical impact of the disease. Since masks can filter out some virus-containing droplets (with filtering capacity determined by mask type), masking might reduce the inoculum that an exposed person inhales. Masking might contribute to increasing the proportion of infections that are asymptomatic”.

Maintaining what we know works against Covid-19

Since the outset of the pandemic, scientists and governments alike are all unanimous in their confirmation that stringent personal hygiene (hand washing and sanitization) is still the first line of defence when it comes to halting the transmission of the Coronavirus. A few simple measures, such as keeping our SureSan Universal Wipes close by, provide proven protection in combatting the Coronavirus through their virucidal properties. Wiping surfaces thoroughly with a tested virucidal product works to destroy the virus’ ability to reproduce, quickly degrading the integrity of the cell to render it inactive.

We know that times are challenging for customers, colleagues and families alike at present, and we are facing unprecedented times as we head into the winter months. Kit yourself out with the recommended tools to use in the onward battle against Covid-19, such as our Personal Hygiene Kit, containing virucidal wipes, hand sanitizer and other PPE, and keep safe and well over the coming weeks. We’ve got your back.

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