SureSan in Education: Supporting the Next Generation

When schools returned to full operation following the summer lockdown period, many parents and educational professionals were understandably concerned about adapting to the ‘new normal’ of social bubbles and deep sanitization. We have spoken to a number of our distributors who supply to schools and education, to recognise just what we can do to keep pupils and staff safe, while enabling them to continue their education without interruptions arising from the Covid-19 pandemic.

When it comes to keeping our younger generation safe and reassured, we know that there are many challenges which can be tough to overcome. Young children may be dissuaded from regular hand sanitization, as many products are strongly scented and can be drying on the skin. This can deter young pupils from following the recommended guidance for sanitizing and washing over the course of the school day.

At SureSan, we wanted to be sure that our products were appealing to use for younger pupils, without compromising on their virucidal properties in combatting the onward transmission of Coronavirus. Recently, we gained the reassurance we were looking for when we had some positive feedback from a local school who rely on our product suite to maintain cleanliness and safety:

“We are really pleased with all of the products and the feedback is really good. The staff really love the sanitiser as it has a nice smell and isn’t anywhere near as harsh on the skin as other products”

Health & Safety and Site Manager

Going the extra mile, for a school just down the road

We were recently pleased to support Cams Hill School, a vibrant Secondary School located close to our National Distribution Centre, with a total of 1,200 pupils and 200 staff. With no government funding allocated to educational establishments for investment in additional cleaning, janitorial or virucidal products necessary to combat Covid-19, we know that the school – just as many others nationally – are struggling with the additional financial burden of maintaining a pristine learning environment. The school recently got in touch to request our advice in how they may make the most of their allocated budget for cleaning products.

In response, we donated both sanitizer bottles and our popular Universal Wipes to Cams Hill, and support for ongoing supply via one of our key distributors. The team at Cams Hill have been really pleased with our support, stating:

“Thank you very much for your very generous donation of sanitizer and wipes to Cams Hill School. This has helped tremendously toward ensuring that we protect the pupils from Covid-19. Pupils are being asked to sanitize their hands going in and out of each class plus the teachers are wiping down the tables and chairs after each session so you see that the donation has gone to good use”

Headteacher, Cams Hill School

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