SureSan Virucidal Cleaner


Our Virucidal Cleaner is the ideal solution for spray cleaning and damp wiping methods to maintain a pristine and sanitized environment. The solution is certified to virucidal and bactericidal standards, and conforms to all current regulations applicable to its deployment. The spray features a subtle but fresh floral scent, which belies its power when it comes to completely halting the integrity of Coronavirus, HIV, Hepatitis C and Influenzas. Sold in cases of six 750ml spray bottles secured by screw caps and two loose trigger spray attachments, for simple and immediate deployment.


Bottle size: 108 x 78 x 205 mm, 0.81kg

Case size: 172 x 177 x 284 mm, 4.88kg

Certification: EN 14476, EN 1276

Scent: Mild floral

Quantity: Case of 6 bottles


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