Disinfectant Wipes Tub/500


Our Disinfectant Wipes provide a highly effective single solution for cleaning and disinfecting hard surfaces. With virucidal properties yet food safe and low oxidising on metal surfaces, they are ideal for cleaning surface areas which may be harbouring the Covid-19 virus to fully immobilise it and prevent onward transmission. Their versatility enables you to streamline your hygiene and janitorial kit, as they eradicate the requirement for multiple disinfectant solutions. As they are designed to be single-use, they provide additional protection against germs and airborne virus particles, with excellent efficacy and kill rates achieved even in low temperatures. The bucket is resealable, preserving the moisture of each wipe to maintain maximum performance with each use.


Sheet size: 20 x 23cm

Packaging: 500 wipes per tub

Certification: Viricidal and bacterial, meets EN14476, EN1650, EN1276 and EN13727

Quantities: 160 tubs per pallet

*Please note: during Covid-19, the substrate material may be white rather than blue. The material, specification and efficacy remain unchanged.


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